PRESERVE a special event...
PRESENT a special gift...
PROTECT your special memories...

In your very own movie production.

A FeatureThemes™ DVD is a unique experience and is only available from WollnerStudios Home Entertainment.

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Schools, clubs, churches, businesses and individuals can take advantage of this one-of-a-kind DVD offer. We can also consult on how you can take advantage of these DVD's as personal gifts, or make copies to friends and family.

The covers above are from actual customers.

You can choose a specific cover or just a category like family, sports or kids, and we will choose for you. Send us a picture marked "cover" and we will add it to the movie cover
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Read what customers have to say about the FeatureThemes™ DVDs:

"Everybody thought I had made a movie! I can't believe the positive response I am getting."

"This DVD was the best gift I received on my birthday."

"I can easily recommend this to anyone who wants 15 minutes of fame! (And who wouldn't?)"

Frequently Asked Questions.
Do I have to scan my pictures and send you a CD?
No, however you are more than welcome to provide us with your pictures on a CD. We have included scanning of up to 140 standard 4x6" pictures in our base price. If you have more than 140 pictures that need to be scanned, we can scan them too for you for an additional fee of 39 cents per photo. However, you can send us as many or few pictures you want; 84,98, 105, 140 or more.

If I want to scan my pictures myself at home, what should I keep in mind?
Our requirements are that you preferably send us .jpg files, scanned at 300% at 72 dpi, or the perfect size is: 2272 pixels x1704 pixels (standard digital camera picture sizes) at 72 dpi. You can also scan them in at 100% , but 300dpi for best quality. Remember the better your scans, the better the DVD.

Can I send you my photoalbums?
Preferably not, but you can send us regular 'loose' 4x6" photos, CD's with scanned digital pictures but not photos that are in an album, in frames or glued to anything. However if you have specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I send you my slides or negatives?
We prefer that you send us only copies, already scanned images or digital photos, however we do accept 35mm slides and can help you to scan them.

Can I pick my own music?
You can pick your own music for inclusion on the DVD. To include copyrighted music you must own the original recording to be used in your FeatureThemes™ DVD production. Please review our Terms of Use before supplying us with your music. Use of the track will be covered under your fair use rights of ownership. The extra cost for using your own music is $2.50 per song.

Do I have to have exactly 140 pictures?
No, of course not. You can send us as many or as few as you want. However we do recommend that you send us at least 80 pictures, preferably 120-160. The amount of pictures (and the addition of home movies) will determine how long your FeatureThemes™ DVD will be.

Can I send you home movies too?
Yes, home movies will add the extra movie touch to your DVD. You can send us VHS, 8mm or DV format tapes with your material.

Can I mix my pet pictures with family pictures and other pictures on the same DVD - or do I have to choose a category like pets for my pet pictures and family movie for my family?
You can mix and match any pictures you want on your DVD. A family category or any other title can still be used even though you mix and match your own pictures. Remember that a FeatueThemes™ DVD is the best way to preserve, present, and protect your memories - DVDs are ideal archive digital medium.

How do I send my pictures to you?
Arrange the photos or slides in the order you want them to appear in the movie. We do not attempt to arrange them for you. Please mark them clearly on the back of each photo or on the rim of the slide (ie...1, 2, 3, 4 and so on). If there are no clear numbers we will arrange them as we see fit. Pack them carefully and send them with a signature due or with FedEx or UPS. This will help make sure they arrive safely and are not lost in the mail.

Will all DVD players be able to play the movie you create for me?
Over 95% of all DVD players on the market support the DVD-R format we use. Your player must support this format. If you receive your DVD and it does not work with your player, we will refund the cost of your order provided you ship the DVD back to us. If you purchased your player in the last 2 to 3 years it should support this format. Please check your DVD players documentation for it's supported formats.

How long time does it take for you to create the movie for me?
Our normal turnaround is two weeks, but we do have the possibility for a rush-order for an extra charge. Just contact us if you have a special request.

How does RUSH order work?
A project is considered to be Rush if you want the DVD back in less than a week from the day we receive your materials. The rush charges are usually $49.99 for the first DVD. Contact us to find out more.

Can I order one DVD now, and order copies of the DVD later - let's say one month after my initial order?
Yes, we keep your DVD master files for up to 6 months before we delete them from our archives, so you can order as many copies of your movie you want for the same "copy" price as normal ($29.95). We also have the option to archive your movie for up to 2 years with our optional $29.95 "FeatureSave"-plan.

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