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  • Easy - just fill out the form online, or download the pdf version for printout. You can choose to fax, mail or submit your order online at any time. If you have any questions,please do not hesitate to contact us .FeatureThemes™ is a unique experience and is ONLY available from WollnerStudios Home Entertainment.

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  • Specific Orders

  • Please type the number of copies you need of your FeatureThemes™ DVD for your family and friends. Type 0 if you do not need any additional copies or the quantity of how many copies you need. This is also where you can add a real FeatureThemes™ Movie Poster based on your DVD cover. Size: 24"x36" - for only $55.00 with the purchase of a FeatureThemes™ DVD. If you order 10 copies or more, the poster is FREE. DVD Copies are ONLY $29.95 each.

  • Do you want us to scan your paper photos? If so, let us know how many pictures you need scanned. Scanning of up to 140 standard 4x6" pictures are FREE. Other formats, and more than 140 pictures to be added are $0.50 each.

  • Optional Services

  • A FeatureThemes™ DVD includes up to 140 photos and images. If you want to add more pictures to your DVD, you can do so by choosing this option below.

  • When ordering a FeatureThemes™ DVD from WollnerStudios, Inc., you agree to that you are strictly prohibited from copying, publishing, selling or in any manner making the FeatureThemes™ DVD you have purchased from us available to the general public, with or without charge. This also includes any form of posting on the Internet of the FeatureThemes™ DVD that we have created for you. You also agree that your use of the FeatureThemes™ DVD and any copies of the DVD we create for you must be limited solely to your own personal in-home viewing experience, which includes viewing in the homes of your friends and family without charging for it. The FeatureThemes™ DVD, concept, trademark,copyright and idea is part of WollnerStudios, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Should you wish additional copies of your FeatureThemes™ DVD in the future, please contact us. We also reserve the right to use the FeatureThemes™ DVD cover we create for you (front and back), on our web site or in other marketing materials as a sample of our work for customers without any compensation paid to the customer.

    Please review our terms before Submitting your order. Please send all your pictures and home videos to: WollnerStudios, Inc., 19744 Beach Blvd. #407, and make sure you include your Name, phone number, address and email address in your package.

    By clicking on the "I Agree - Submit Order" you agree to our terms and conditions as specified above and in our Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

    We will contact you in regards to the total amount due once we receive your order. You can pay with a personal check, money order, or credit card. For payment with credit card, please contact us .

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