How to order.

It's easy to create a FeatureThemes™ DVD. Just follow the three easy steps below to order. To create a 7 - 8 minute DVD, you need approx. 140 pictures (you can also use less pictures if you want to). You can also add some of your Home Movies to your movie, or use instead of some of the pictures.

Download your orderform here. (1.5 MB) - or you can fill out our online orderform by clicking here.

1. Collect your photos (digital or paper), and/or Home Movies .

Paper photos or slides:
Preferably to be delivered on a CD, pre-scanned. However, if you don;t have a scanner or don't know where to get your paper photos scanned, you don't have to worry. We have included scanning of up to 140 standard 4x6" pictures in our price. If you need additional paper photos scanned, we can do so for the cost of 39 cents per image.

Digital photos:
Preferably to be delivered on a CD.

Home Movies:
Preferably delivered on a VHS video cassette with markers of what you want as part of the DVD. 1 minute of Home Movie digitizing is incluided in our price. If you want additional footage, we can digitaize more of your movies for an additional $15.00 per minute - includes incorporation into your FeatureThemes™ DVD..

2. Fill out an orderform.
Download our online orderform, print it out, fill in the blanks with a pen, and enclose it with your photos or Home Movies.

Download your orderform here. (1.5 MB) - or you can fill out our online orderform by clicking here. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the downloadable orderform. If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download Acrobat Reader here.

3. Send everything to us, and we will do all the work send you a complete FeatureThemes™ Movie Magic DVD.
Download our online orderform, print it out, fill in the blanks with a pen, and enclose the orderform with your photos or Home Movies.

FeatureThemes™ is a unique experience and is ONLY available from WollnerStudios Home Entertainment::

Starting at $199.00, you are able to bring home a personal Hollywood style movie on DVD.

Click here for a quick overview of our deals.

You can also get our Standard $249.00 FeatureThemes™ DVD for: Four EASY PAYMENTS of $62.25


Order copies for friends and family for ONLY $29.95 e.a.

Basic FeatureTheme™ DVD:
Includes: Special FeatureThemes™ DVD wrap or cover, special DVD face label, scanning and implementation of up to 140 standard 4x6" photos, special intro and ending, movement of still photos, up to 1 minute of Home movies (un-edited), and music throughout the DVD.

Delivery time: 1-3 weeks, depending on the services ordered and if the order is during high season. Rush service is available for an additional cost. A project is considered to be Rush if you want the DVD back in less than a week from the day we receive your materials. Contact us to find out more.

Other Services:

Scanning & Digital Retuching:
Scanning of extra paper photos or slides: $0.39 ea.
Red-eye removal: $0.25 ea.

Video Transfer and Editing:
Digitizing of VHS:
$15.00 per minute
includes incorporation into your DVD movie. No editing. Digitize one minute, add one minute clip to DVD.
Editing: $80 per hour.

Additional services are available upon request.

How to send your pictures and music:

All original pictures are treasured and unreplacable memories from the past. We are very conscious about how valuable your memories are and would like to recommend the following ways to send your pictures to us:
1. Have all your pictures scanned at a local photo store or Kinko's, keep the pictures in your hands and send us a CD with the images already scanned.
2. Send us copies of your pictures and make sure you have originals and negatives in your possession.
3. We prefer that you don't send us photo albums - only "loose" 4"x6" photos and larger, and CD's with Digital Pictures - and VHS,DV or 8mm Home Movies of course .
4. You can pick your own music for inclusion on the DVD. To include copyrighted music you must own the original recording to be used in your FeatureThemes™ DVD production. Please review our Terms of Use before supplying us with your music. Use of the track will be covered under your fair use rights of ownership. The extra cost for using your own music is $2.50 per song.
When sending pictures, we recommend FedEx or UPS so you can trace your shipment.
6. Please read our Terms of Use and Disclaimer before ordering.

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